Export and Import of Defence Equipment

Capital procurement of defence equipment is undertaken from various domestic as well as foreign vendors, based on operational requirements of the Armed Forces, the availability or capacity to produce the equipment in India and abroad, to keep the Armed Forces in a state of readiness to meet the entire spectrum of security challenges. During last three financial years (2016-17 to 2018-19), 149 capital acquisition contracts have been concluded, out of which  58 contracts worth about   Rs. 1,38,727.16 crores and 91 contracts worth about Rs.76,955.73 crores have been placed on foreign vendors and Indian vendors respectively for procurement of defence equipment for the Indian Defence Forces. The countries from which defence equipment imports are being undertaken include Russia, USA, Israel, France and United Kingdom.

There are 41 Ordnance Factories and 9 Defence Public Undertakings (DPSUs) in the Public sector in India manufacturing defence equipment. In addition, 452 number of Industrial Licenses (ILs) have been issued to defence industry in private sector for manufacturing of defence equipment.

The major defence equipment exported during the last three years by India to foreign countries are Patrol Vessels, Helicopters, Sonars and Radars, Avionics, Radar Warning Receivers(RWR), Small Arms, Small Caliber Ammunition, Grenades, Telecommunication equipment, Coastal Surveillance, Simulators, Bullet Proof Jackets and Body Armour. The details of defence export authorisations for the last 3 years are as follows:-

Year Value (Rs. in crore)
2016-17 1,521
2017-18 4,682
2018-19 10,745

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naik in a written reply to Shri Md. Nadimul Haque in Rajya Sabha today.