Agree with Red Ed

I never thought I would never agree with anything in Mr Miliband\’s economic policy. If you are wondering who Mr Miliband (or Red Ed as he is sometimes called) is, he is the head of the Labour Party in the UK. In case you haven\’t been looking, there is a general election about to happen in the UK, which nobody in the world other than the most dedicated Anglophile (this blogger is one) has even noticed. Such is the UK\’s relevance in the world today – how far has the Empire fallen.
Red Ed, is called so, because he is just one step short of being a Commie in economic policy. So how is it that I can agree anything at all with him ?
Well, he has just announced that he will control the infamous zero hour contracts that seems to be so popular with big employers in the UK.  I have blogged on this before and I find this practice an abomination.
Zero hour contracts are where you enter into a contract with a company which is as one sided as a contract can ever be. You are bound to the company – you have to come to work as soon as the company calls you. The company is bound to nothing – they don\’t have to call you even once. You sit every morning by the telephone, not knowing if you have work that day or not. If you are called, you have rush to work. They may call you to work for 1 hour, 3 or 5 or 8 – that is their choice. You have to take it and are paid by the hour. You can\’t work anywhere else because if you are called and you don\’t turn up instantly, you are fired. Obviously there are no benefits – no leave, no retirement benefits, no medical benefits, no nothing.
Predictably, Britain\’s companies are shouting down Red Ed.  They must be ashamed of their two facedness. Why don\’t the bosses be on zero hour contracts. On the days, when they are goofing around doing nothing, they shouldn\’t get paid. Not one senior manager in the UK is on zero hours contract. Frankly, they should all be – if they turn up for work only every alternate day, the company would actually do better. In the television interviews that are part of the election campaign, David Cameron, UK\’s Prime Minister and the leader of the Conservative Party had to admit that he himself could not live on a zero hours contracts. Red Ed has gleefully said that if something is not good enough for UK\’s Prime Minister, its not good enough for the people !
Both ends of the spectrum relating to employment are wrong. In the Red corner is France – with guaranteed life time employment, a million benefits and no obligation to work (in the public sector, at least). In the Blue corner is the UK where an employee is treated as a piece of shit and not a human being.  Both these systems deserve to be thrown into the dustbin.