Alliance Air commences daily flight operations on KALABURAGI-BENGALURU- MYSURU routes under RCS-UDAN

Alliance Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India, started daily direct flight operations from Kalaburagi to Bengaluru and onward to Mysuru under the RCS-UDAN scheme, today. The Kalaburagi airport was built by the Airport Authority of India in collaboration with State Government. This airport is operationalised under the RCS-UDAN of Govt. of India to fulfill the long-awaited demand of the people. The development of this airport has paved a way for direct connectivity to the state headquarters and other commercial centers.

Until now, the people had option to travel by train which takes more than 15 hours or travel 13 hours by road to reach Mysuru from Gulbarga. Now, natives can travel at ease by taking a 3-hour flight. The commencement of flight operations on this route will also ensure easy connectivity for the pilgrims.

Alliance Air will deploy its 70 seater opulent aircraft to ensure maximum comfort to the passengers. The Flight schedule is as below

Flight No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Days
9I 897 Mysuru Bengaluru 0830 0910 Mon,Wed,Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
9I 509 Bengaluru Kalaburagi 0950 1125 -do-
9I 510 Kalaburagi Bengaluru 1150 1330 -do-
9I 898 Bengaluru Mysuru 1400 1450 -do-

Flight No. From To Departure Time Arrival Time Days
9I 897 Mysuru Bengaluru 1025 1105 Tuesday
9I 509 Bengaluru Gulbarga 1140 1320 Tuesday
9I 510 Gulbarga Bengaluru 1345 1525 Tuesday
9I 898 Bengaluru Mysuru 1545 1640 Tuesday

Alliance Air currently connects 59 destinations, with the addition of Kalaburagi there will be 60 stations in Alliance air’s ambit. With the commencement of the Kalaburagi-Bangalore-Mysuru route, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has operationalized a total of 238 routes under RCS-UDAN.