Plan a Memorable Back to School Night

We’ve been covering all you teachers need to know for your inevitable return to the classroom, and today is no different. A staple of the back to school  schedule is now Back to school night, in which teachers and parents meet, with or without kids, to discuss and preview the school year. On the discussion docket are generally methodology, grading schemes and tactics, connecting parents, and more.
Today on, frequent contributing writer Jacqui Murray, who is a seasoned tech teacher based in Northern California, looks at how you can make back to school night memorable, informative, and fun.
Jacqui’s ideas include:
Make the Invite Engaging
Ask a Volunteer to Take Notes
Introduce the Class Page
And More!
Here’s how Jacqui suggests you create a class webpage, blog, or other electronic method of communication: “At some point during the evening (or in a form you display on one of the class computers), ask what parents would like to find here. Practice accessing it if there\’s time.  Have the page available on one of the class computers so parents can try it out before leaving for the evening.”

Jacqui sums up her article like this, in a paragraph entitled Provide a Parent-Child Questionnaire: Before you wrap up for the evening, have parents fill out a form (with Google Forms) that includes what motivates their child, his/her strengths, parent concerns, and anything else you should know about the child. This too can be available on one of the class computers. It should take only a few minutes to complete. You can also email the link to everyone on the class roster to be completed at their leisure.”
You never have a second chance to make a good first impression. This is as true today as when Will Rogers (was reputed to have) said it. Make parents your partner this school year. Their participation will make a huge difference in the child\’s success. Take advantage of that.