Sex education is the most important factor which lacks in every individual, especially in India. In India, sex education was considered as some taboo and people were shameful to speak openly about it. But nowadays there is a shift from this norm and now people are free to discuss about sex, sexuality and other related things. Many schools have started teaching students and they give an orientation to children even from a very young age, which include some topics like good touch, bad touch etc.

Sex education involves topics related to human development, relationships, orientation about reproduction sexuality, puberty, gender identity, sexual behavior, sexual health which include knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and pregnancy. Sex education also includes the discussion on sexuality in society and culture which include gender roles, diversity etc. WHO defines sex education as “broad program that aims to build a strong foundation for lifelong sexual health by acquiring information and attitude, beliefs and values about one’s identity, relationships and intimacy”.

The importance of sex education increases in this scenario, as the teachers are not willing to take up topics related to sexuality, even though these topics are present in the curriculum and adolescents gather information about sexuality from other ways. This is harmful for them. To tackle this misinformation and ignorance, young students need to get an awareness about sexuality and sexual orientation. They should also be aware about different gender minorities, LGBTQIA, like trans- sexual people, homosexual communities like gay, lesbians etc. They should also respect every gender. Sex education also provides the knowledge to differentiate between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’, as one is the biological aspect and another one is socio cultural to oneself. Gender is the identity one perceives apart from the biological aspect. Sex education is important to know diverse communities and also it enables one to understand about one’s own body. In this way sex education also helps to decrease crimes related to sex.

So sex education is a very important factor in the development of a society. It helps citizens to understand about themselves and others and provides knowledge which helps to decrease many crimes related to sex. As sex is the vital factor in the development of a society, sex education is also vital.