Foods with preventive powers

There are a lot of benefits some foods serve us. Like mustard contains manganese and phosphorus, which contribute to strong bones and teeth so help prevent osteoporosis. Many other foods have similar preventive powers such as:

Asparagus for high blood pressure.

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Asparagus contains the natural diuretic asparagine, which helps your body get rid of excess salt and fluid. For people with oedema caused by high blood pressure, eating asparagus can be very helpful. Asparagus also has B-vitamins that help fight early cognitive decline and depression.

Onions For lung cancer

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Studies have found that dietary flavonoids that are found in onions, reduce risk of lung cancer. Onions may also help boost your good cholesterol.

Cheese for dental health.

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The fat that is naturally present in cheese coats your teeth and acts like a natural barrier against bacteria. Cheese also contains caesin, a protein that provides protection.

Lemons and limes for kidney stones

Lemons and lime contain citric acid that helps reduce the excretion of calcium in urine so it prevents kidney stones from forming. Lemon rinds are also rich in a component called rutin, which helps strengthen the walls of the capillaries, potentially reducing the pain and severity of varicose veins.

Papayas for arthritis

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Papaya is an excellent source for vitamin C. Thus help prevent the ailment, if consumed regularly.

Beets for a better brain.

Beets produce nitric oxide, which helps blood flow throughout your body and brain. Which decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.