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 I was going through my phone and, I read these meaningful and deep lines that say, “A Friend is someone who accepts who you are, but also helps you become who you should be.” By this, everyone knows what my article is going to be about today. Yes, today the article is all going to be about friendship. Let me ask all the readers out there.

 How many times have we told out of anger, dismay, or sadness that we can stay alone and we do not need any friends? I am sure we all have said that at some point of time in our lives. Nevertheless, this entirely cannot be true. We human beings are social animals and therefore, we cannot be alone for long. We constantly need people around us even if we say otherwise. It is not necessary that we need to find our friends with human beings themselves. It can even be animals, plants anything that helps us have a strong bond and connection

Our progress and development over the years have always been about bringing people together, keeping them connected, meeting new people and so much more about just making things for humanity. Friendship is such an important thing in everyone’s life. Friendship plays such an important role in our lives. The reason I say that friendship is a chosen family is that it is you who decide with whom you want to spend your time. We tend to spend many hours outside our houses. Hence, what kind of friends we have plays a very important role in how things pan out for us. Yes, this might sound very cliché but it is very true. Friends tend to influence your actions, behaviors, thoughts and so much more. Sometimes we can see it but most of the time this happens unconsciously. When I say that one needs to see whether they are good people or not I do not mean it through their religion, looks, ethnicity, color, etc that one sees to judge a person. By right people, I mean through their thinking, actions, behavior, and goodness in their heart. These are true judges of the characters of a person.

There is another thing that one needs to keep in mind concerning friendship. Even if the friendship ends, people should not have any negative feelings about it. They should not speak badly about those people or have a sense of revenge. Rather I would suggest that they could cherish the good memories and move ahead positively about it. Friendship is a balance. If one takes it for granted then it is bad but if one takes it so seriously that it negatively affects them then that is also bad. This article is not to lecture anybody about their friendships rather just different perspectives, ideas, and thoughts that are present in the world.

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Is there a right type of friendship?

Often there is confusion about whether there is a right type of friendship or not. According to me, it is both yes and no. Let me explain the answer. Yes, there is a certain type of friendship. A friendship is something that helps people in it grow and move forward and in the right manner. If only one person is moving forward and the other one is facing the negative impact of being in that friendship then it is clear that it is not the right type of friendship. Again, this might sound very cliché but friends are often those people outside your family that help you grow and become better individuals in society.

 Friendship is one of those relations where people do not judge you for your actions and at the same time if your judgment is wrong then they guide you show you a new path. Friendship is so precious because this relation helps you have your individuality and at the same time bring about the right changes in each other’s lives. The right type of friendship is when there is a positive impact on everyone’s life that is a part of the friendship. The decision of the rightness of a friendship should not be a decision made by someone outside the friendship. These are decisions that one has to make take on their own after seeing all the factors that play a role in their lives. Another thing, which makes any friendship right, is when mistakes are made by anyone in those relations they apologize and make sure that these do not happen again. If the idea of personal ego exists in a friendship negatively between anyone and that friendship is not right for anyone. There is nothing wrong with apologizing when you make a mistake, especially in a friendship.

When I say no there is no there is nothing like the right type of friendship I mean in the things that go about in the friendship. There is no certain type of friendship. People in a friendship do not necessarily have to talk every day to be under the category of friendship. People can talk once in a blue moon and still have the same feelings and connections in their friendship. People do not have to meet every day or see day to be in a friendship. When there can be long-distance relationships they why cannot there be long-distance friendships. People do not need to have alike thoughts, ideas, or perspectives to be friends and share a good relation. There are so many more things that society has set labels for good or strong friendship that do not necessarily have to be true. Though in friendship certain needs to be in mind and should follow however, there is no rulebook for friendship.

Yes, some friendships last for years together and some friendships last only a few years, weeks, or months and that is completely okay and natural. It is high time that we understand and normalize growing out of the friendship. It is completely okay to have two friends, as it is completely okay to have ten friends in your friendship circle. Friendship has and does not have limitations and boundaries. Some are crossable and some are not crossable. The decision is all of the individuals.

To conclude, with a beautiful quote by Invajy where he says, “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”


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