Beauty And Brains

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Usually, I start an article by writing a quote and speaking about my topic. Today, however, is one of those days where a quote will not speak about the importance of the topic. My article today is going to be about something that is alarming and yet very normal in every society. Let me ask all the readers out there how many times have you heard people say the sentence ‘beauty and brains’ to you or other people around you. I am sure the number of people who have heard it is very high. This is because society has set certain standards for beauty, which is highly questionable and even for brains though we know very little about this organ. Today my article is going to be about how problematic the idea s behind the sentence “Beauty and Brains”

Understanding the Sentence “Beauty and Brains”

The sentence beauty and brains mean that people who meet the societal standards of beauty and smartness fall under this category. The typical understanding of beauty in society is being fair, slim, long hair, clear skin, etc everything is perfect according to a man’s eyes. This is not just limited to women it is for men as well as men themselves. The idea of beauty that society holds is often questionable because beauty is not something that is just for a certain group of people rather it is a feeling that everyone must have for themselves and others. The idea that people who do not fall into this is category is not racial discrimination but also much more than that.

The idea of beauty stems from the rules and regulations that are by patriarchy, which tells people how they are supposed to look even though people have almost no control over how they will look. The idea of inclusion and exclusion plays an important role in categorizing people especially concerning the way they look. How many times have people with a darker shade of skin been asked to apply various kinds of cosmetic products just so that they can belong to the category of beauty? Alternatively, how many times have people been told to try various products so that one’s skin is clear and does not have any acne or blemishes? I am sure every woman or girl has been through this process because I have been through this myself. It takes a lot of time to unlearn such unhealthy practices that often push us to be a part of this category and that is completely normal. I would also like to say that having anything perfect is disbelief and it is high time we get over it. Nobody can nor should define your beauty.

The idea of beauty that is present in society is because of the perception of beauty made by people who made these rules. A few perceptions cannot be universal. Natural things are blessing should not be made something that needs to be rid of. It is time we accept the way we are and love ourselves for the way we look rather than trying to achieve the impossible standards set by others.

The other that is also problematic in this sentence is the idea of brains. In a constant society where smartness is parallel to the number of marks that one score, the “brain” of a person being put at stake is very sad and yet annoying. Another thing that needs consideration is that every human being is different and therefore each one will have a different level of intensity of intelligence. Just because, someone is not good at one thing does not mean they are not smart or do not have brains. People are learning something new every single day. The amount of time taken to grasp information is may vary but does not make them less smart or anything else.

The idea of brains again comes from the line of perfection and unattainable expectations that is set by people who themselves cannot reach them. We are in the 21st century and we are constantly developing so much yet there is a large amount of our brain that we do not know yet. A few subjects or a few exams cannot define our smartness. Therefore, it is very problematic when someone questions or judges a person based on a few situations and circumstances.

Things are slowly changing. People are redefining the sentence beauty and brains by bringing about changes, awareness, etc. However, we still find so many people enforcing this idea and sentence through the positive direction. This is not just problematic to them but also the society and community as well.

Stop Accepting The Phrase 'Beauty With Brains' As A Compliment

Why the sentence “Beauty and Brains” is problematic?

Saying the sentence beauty and brains to someone is problematic because it means you are subjecting to a kind of category. The belief that if someone has beauty then they will not have brains is portrayed in society in so many ways. Let me give you all an example. If a movie has to show a person who scores well then what do, they do. They show that person does not have clear skin, wears glasses, or has braces, which are inclined to show that the person has brains and no beauty. In the same manner, beauty with no brains is also shown this shows how categorization is deeply embedded in the minds of the people.

 If you have both beauty and brains then you are good enough. If you have either one of them then you are not that great and the worse thing is that if you do not have both according to society then you are nothing in society. It is painful to know that this still exists in society. Such ideas are responsible for creating a negative impact on people. People lose their self-confidence, feel worthless and useless and so much more. They might start doing things that they do not like just so that they are accepted in society. During this process, they put what others are saying and even lose themselves in this process.

We must stop categorizing people and bring about a better change in society so that people do not have to change themselves so that people are accepted in society.

To conclude, it is important to bring the natural self into society so that there is more acceptance, harmony, and understanding among the human civilization and bring about a happy future for the next generation.


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