ISBN no. for Conference Proceedings or Book

Benefits of ISBN number

By obtaining an ISBN you will be able to take the necessary steps to ensure that your book is widely known and to maximize its sales potential.

How to get an ISBN 

Publishers should apply to their national ISBN Agency. So, if you are a publisher based in Italy, you would apply to the national ISBN Agency of Italy.
If you are applying for ISBN on behalf of a company or organization it does not matter in which country your company or organization is formally registered (e.g. for legal or tax registration purposes), it is the location where your company or organization carries out its business and operates from that is the important criterion. (If you have more than one site, possibly in more than one country, then ISBNs should be obtained based on where the headquarters of your organization is situated). It does not matter in which language your publications will be published or in which country your publications will be printed, manufactured, marketed or sold.
You can easily get an ISBN no. for your upcoming book or conference proceedings through us

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(Imprint and Trademark of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, India)

If you are an author or conference organizer it is in your interest to use ISBN as it is likely to help you to sell or publish books or conference proceedings. Books that cannot be ordered and distributed by ISBN and that are not listed in Books in Print type listings may not sell as many copies as they could. People will assume that the books do not exist, and even if they do know they exist, they may consider it is too much bother to handle them since they will need to do so using lengthy manual ordering processes.

If you have published a book that you think can be successfully marketed in other countries as well as your own, then you should contact the respective ISBN agency in each of the countries to ask them for details about how your book can be included in their national catalogue for books in circulation (books in print). Sometimes you will have to obtain a distributor from that country or to have an address in that country before this is possible. In some circumstances there are certain other restrictions – for example, only books in the language of that country can be listed.
As well as catalogues of books in circulation, you may also want to ensure that you are listed by internet retailers such as Amazon. Again, you will need to contact each of these organisations directly (including each separate international branch) with details of your book. You can contact Amazon UK, for instance, through the publisher section of their site.

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